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I have gained a FMA obsession over the last few months, I think it's one of my biggest gallery sections

Haha Bleach is catching up to my FMA obsession

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All these artists are totally awesome


Ed's gonna get ya by AkidaSoren
Ed's gonna get ya
Ok stupid title XD

So three days and several cold cups of tea from concentrating later I finally have a piece of FMA fanart, omg FMA fanart I missed you!

Seriously it's been so long since I've done something decent for FMA, gone are the days when all my art turned into Alphonse XD

So yeah, me practicing fore-shortening on this one, I WILL be colouring it, I'm pretty proud of myself

Had to go looking for Ed references cos his hair ALWAYS annoys me when I try to draw it lol but thankfully the pencil brush allows me to do better lines than I used to :) hair comes out better

So yeah, Ed lineart, gonna colour it later blah blah blah XD Enjoy

FMA (c) Hiromu Arakawa

Edit: Changed his eyes, mouth and nose, was not happy, am now lol
My Project by AkidaSoren
My Project
So this is the end result of my project I have been working on for my nephew, I put it all in one picture because I didn't want to upload a bit at a time

Anywho, this is a present that both my grandfather and I made for my nephews 2nd birthday which was yesterday

He made the toybox himself (he's awesome at woodwork) and it was my job to paint all the pictures you see on the box

It was very hard to draw in pencil on the box because of the white paint my grandad applied but I managed it

Obviously I had to find references for all the characters, and fair do's I didn't do too bad a job, I had to 'blow up' some of the pictures when I was drawing them because the references were so small, but that wasn't too hard.

All painted and lines with poster paint, mum wanted something non-toxic for the box

So yep, weeks of hard work drawing and painting for me, and weeks of hard work making the box for my grandfather, I think we work well as a team :)
Try again by AkidaSoren
Try again
   eeeeeh sketch, basically a younger Amber when she was first 'training'with Malek, not doing so well XD

Anyway yeah sketch, I was bored
Toothless by AkidaSoren
Well, tis obvious it is a sketch of Toothless lol

To cut a long story short, my nephews birthday is coming up in August, and my grandfather has made him a toybox from scratch

My job, is to paint said toybox with lots of different pictures of animated characters, I've got Tigger done on there and Thomas The Tank Engine and Mickey Mouse, and I thought today since my mother was saying not to put TOO many 'babyish' things on it she said (cos you know >> Tigger is totally babyish) I thought mayhaps toothless would be a good addition since this toybox will be his for years to come

So I decided to have a little practice of the dear little night fury to get myself prepared

It's not too bad, the wings are a little screwy, but hey not bad for my first try! I hope the one on the box turns out better lol
When I want to draw by AkidaSoren
When I want to draw
So yeah, this is what's happening to me of late when I want to draw, I end up watching youtube, more recently I've been watching some teen titans episodes! I used to love that show :) So yeah, as I said, this is what I end up doing

I am not a very productive person! XD
Been so busy with work D8 

Getting paid to code on a website is pretty awesome, considering it's something I love doing! That and making up arts and crafts for little kiddies :)

I haven't drawn ANYTHING decent in ages, I can't get the old FMA muse to come out and play to let me draw, so I've just been stuck in faceless sketch hell for ages, not to mention that my grandfathers PC decided to not have internet for like 10 days, with talk talk saying it wasn't them it was us which was CRAP because I got my friend out who is a software engineer and we phoned the phone company. Finally on another call to talk talk, I finally spoke to someone who actually knew what they were doing and she said it was probably just because of the new router and that the tech guys hadn't set it up properly or whatever, fixed now anyway so -shrug-

Ok so I'm off topic a little, I kind wanted someone to give me ideas, I mean I really wanna do FMA stuff but as I said, I'm stuck in faceless sketch hell >> so yeah, help!!!!

Still plugging denouement :) Denouementrp would reaaaaaally like an Ed :) like I said before, panfandom and all that
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My personal obsession
United Kingdom
I'm 29 and I love mostly all things anime

I love Fullmetal Alchemist especially and have quite a big collection growing, I'm running out of shelves XD

My favourite characters are Edward Elric and of course Alphonse Elric, though Roy is pretty awesome too :3

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