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I have gained a FMA obsession over the last few months, I think it's one of my biggest gallery sections

Haha Bleach is catching up to my FMA obsession

Random Favourites

All these artists are totally awesome


Starfire redo lines by AkidaSoren
Starfire redo lines
Eh I'm not the best at lining cos PSP seems to have it's own mind about how a line should look >> I keep having to go back over stuffs

Anyway this is the lines, colour it if you want

I'm gonna colour it myself, though not today cos I spent the last 2hrs lining it lol
Starfire from meme redo by AkidaSoren
Starfire from meme redo
This is the picture from the meme draw this again that I put up :)

I already described it sooo not doing it again XD
Starfire Draw This Again by AkidaSoren
Starfire Draw This Again
So I had forgotten my artpad last night having left it in my grandparents house as I had used the scanner there for that Alphonse picture, so I went digging through my plastic drawers for another one, all I could find was a really old one from yonks ago and I found that picture of Starfire which on checking back through DA today I drew in 2007

I decided I would attempt to redraw it with the skills I have learned now all thanks to anime (thank you anime!) and I must say I have improved a fair bit (though 2014's arm is too long <<...>>) hands are still an annoyance for me but other than that, I have noticed that I like to try new poses, she's supposed to be like....coming at you sort of with a starbolt but it was a difficult thing to get looking right, but I am very pleased with it :)

Teen Titans!
My god I am so bored D8 I really need to get an art programme I can draw in lol Paint Shop Pro doesn't draw nice XD
Alphonse Babylon Coloured by AkidaSoren
Alphonse Babylon Coloured
I know, I'm lazy, I didn't bother with lining it, I just coloured the pencil >>....<<

I TRIED to make it look like it's raining with the line tool, it kind of does the job....sort of, I softened it out anyway

So yeah, it's coloured, it's not awesome but it's coloured lol

Also a note, everything is grey in the background because's sposed to be depressing? XD I dunno, I don't know what the alley him and jecht are in really looks like so I just made it all grey cos....well as I said it's a bit more gloomy that way, to me anyway

Alphonse Elric (C) Hiromu Arakawa
Heh maybe no-one is really thinking that lol

I haven't drawn in a while, I have actually been working on a "one shot" as :iconseeinblackandwhite: called it, I do have an excerpt from something I wrote oh god ages ago that's sort of like a one shot....except it was going to be like a joint fanficy type thing between me and Ginny but we never actually did anything with it XD I still have it sat there...dunno whether it's worth even posting it, I mean if people want to see it or egg me on fine XD But I dunno if anyone will

I really have lost my spark for drawing of late, I want to do all these cool poses but I can never get them right and I end up making the paper into a rather tight 'I hate you ball' lol

Maybe my brain will work properly eventually
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AkidaSoren's Profile Picture
My personal obsession
United Kingdom
I'm 27 and I love mostly all things anime

I love Fullmetal Alchemist especially and have quite a big collection growing, I'm running out of shelves XD

My favourite characters are Edward Elric and of course Alphonse Elric, though Roy is pretty awesome too :3

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